This section lists the Aalto University courses that are held in the ABE facility at Urban Mill and/or organized in collaboration with Aalto Built Environment Laboratory.

cs0024, cs0025 Systems Thinking 1 & 2

These intensive Creative Sustainability Master's programme courses provide the students with basic understanding of systems thinking in the context of sustainability. The workshop part of the course is held in the ABE facility.

Kul 24.4350 Passenger Ship Architecture

In this course students learn variety of tools and design approaches to concepts and services related to passenger ships and ferries. These include for example user-centered design and consideration of consumer trends. The course contains practical workshops.

Kul-24.4355 Cruise & Ferry Experience Project

In this course students produce a concept as a multidisciplinary product development team. Team creates comprehensive cruise ship or ferry concept that considers passenger ship as a natural combination of latest technology innovations, business models, service design and user experiences.

Maa-78.3220 Land Use Strategies and Planning Cooperation

The course features strategic land use and cooperative planning practises with a particular case study each year. In the autumn 2014 course the case study topic was the Otaniemi campus area. The course lectures are held in the ABE facility.

Maa-78.3330 Urban Systems

Organized for the third time in the spring 2015, Urban Systems course is an interdisciplinary treatise on the six themes of Smart City (Economy, People, Governance, Mobility, Environment and Living). Through this framework, the course provides an interdisciplinary foundation of the urban systems. The complexity of natural, built and social environments in urban context is emphasized. The course is held in the ABE facility.

An example of a group project from the 2014 course:

Urban Systems course group work. Image by Petri Kangassalo.

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